Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Please contact FRES immediately if you have lost or found a ferret. FRES will post a vague description of this ferret on our website in the hopes of reuniting ferrets with their loving owners.

Download our free Lost Ferret Poster to assist you in finding your ferret. FRES suggests that owners approach all neighbors in the area, door to door, for the best chance at finding a lost ferret. Click here for other tips to find a lost ferret.

Ferret Or Weasel?

Every year, FRES receives calls on our hotline about a stray ferret running outside. Many times our volunteers attend the call only to find a curious weasel, not a stray ferret! The pictures below may help you determine if you're looking at a wild weasel (photos 1 & 2) or someone's pet ferret (photos 3 & 4). In the winter, weasels turn white and have a black tip on their tail. Some white ferrets may have light or dark grey markings on their tail, but it is not as pronounced as the black tip on the weasel's tail.

Ferret Or Weasel

If you are in doubt, please don't hesitate to call. Our volunteers would much rather come out to a weasel call than to possibly leave a stray ferret outside to fend for itself.